How I Woke Up and Realized I Was Adjunct: An Adjunct Narrative from the Age of Neoliberalism

I love this entry! Please read. And don’t forget, this points to why I’m leading a workshop on Monday. Source: How I Woke Up and Realized I Was Adjunct: An Adjunct Narrative from the Age of Neoliberalism


How do we, as Adjunct Professors, get our life back?

Personally, the one most frustrating thing about being an Adjunct Professor is the missed opportunities. I have many things that I love. I love to sing (opera, no less). I love to knit and crochet. I love to read, fiction and nonfiction. I love to write, both academic and for public consumption. For a couple of years after I graduated from my doctoral program, I did none of it. I didn’t think it was possible.

When we’re squeezed so much for time, teaching four courses at three different locations, sometimes more, sometimes less, it’s hard to figure out how we use our work to support our lives as opposed to using our lives to support our work. We work as automatons: we are not often in the same place as other similarly situated Adjunct Professors, so we can’t notice that it isn’t our failure that our lives aren’t as full as they could be, and how difficult it really is to do so. For some of us, throw in spouses and young people, and we give up on our lives.

This is unacceptable. Period. We can’t afford this! It’s partly why we can’t afford to sit out a fight for much higher pay and benefits. It’s partly why we canĀ no longer wait to move our lives forward.

I have a proposal. I can teach you what I am figuring out about valuing my life, my priorities, and my time. One hour. That’s all it will take to start. But it’s a start.

Join me for this workshop geared to people like us: Adjunct Professors.

You can no longer wait.