It Still Feels Bad! But . . . 

Do you wake up in the morning ridden with anxiety? I often do and did this morning. It’s just that it feels like there is never enough TIME!

I still need to pay my bills this month! I didn’t write today because I went to bed too late! I had to buy breakfast because there wasn’t enough time for me to make it.

I could go on with what is off. Then I realized the following. I could outwardly share how tough things get with my support system. I could notice that my son has a new friend at his new school and I got to SEE them interact. I could notice that I had a really healthy breakfast AND I scheduled the time to make a healthy lunch. I could notice that I taught a class I LOVE with students who love me! Everything changed.

I have scheduled time for everything to happen this week. I am prepared for my call this evening. I have time to grade. All I need to do is tell people when to expect stuff.

I’m back on my plan and course correcting. I now know I need to plan differently and account for taking time off. I know I need to go to bed by 10:30, no matter how I feel. This will be part of the plan.

You have more time than you think when you PLAN for it!


The Problem With Plans

What happens when they fall apart?

Last week, I started the week with the best intentions. The best of a plan. In August, I planned my business VERY carefully. I also had had IMPECCABLE plans for my academic writing. I am trying to pull together a book proposal to send out to publishers early next year and ALL of my writing projects feed into this. PLANS!

This semester, things have been going well. I was ahead of my game with writing.

And then there was last week. I took off (planned, in advance) because my son was off. Then there was jury duty. Time crusher (the good news is that I have done my duty for the next 5 years!). The following day I started digging out. Thursday I was going out of town and feeling the pressure. And then the calls came about dealing with family issues. Day. Was. Shot.

Here we are in the new week.

What would you have done? Walk around in circles confused about what to do? Give up and roll with what comes your way?

What about what you’re trying to achieve?

Where are you headed?

I ask these questions because when people’s plans fall apart there is a tendency to simply GIVE UP. Oh well. “I told you plans never work!”

How much closer are you to your goal? Not much?

When your plan is frustrated to no end, you must dust them off and get back on that horse. GET BACK ON YOUR PLAN! Take a deep breath. Start with the new week. Start with the new opportunity. You would be amazed!

I got back on that horse and rode it. And now I know things are happening!

Go. Back. To. Your. Plan.

Do you have challenges with planning? Join me at Be Productive While Working Solo. Because planning is KEY to working alone and getting STUFF DONE!