I Have No Thoughts on Beating Jet Lag

But hell, if sleep isn’t going to happen, I will totally commandeer that time for my own uses.

I will say that ideally, I would have started setting my body to the new time zone WEEKS ago, but life would not permit.

Currently, I’m hijacking a study abroad course to South Africa. While I don’t intend to do loads of reading (I am being resistant to acting as a formal student again (I already have TWO terminal degrees)), I did a little reading for the course. Indeed, that reading reminded me of my writing.

So I am editing my work. #WriteFor15? Jet lag makes it fully possible.

So bottoms up for jet lag. I will be grateful for it now. In 12 hours . . . Not so much.

Nothing that couldn’t be managed by eating, right?

You never know what will allow you to #WriteFor15. Take advantage of those 15 minutes (or hours) when they come about!


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