#WriteFor15 – Why I embraced Writing For 15 Minutes

When I was working on my doctorate, my partner told me of a book that said write for 15 minutes per day to finish your dissertation.

I, predictably, reacted with a guffaw.

Now, while I am not necessarily convinced that 15 minutes alone on a daily basis will get someone a finished dissertation, journal article, or book, it can really go a long way.

I take back my guffaw.

Currently, I’m traveling well outside the U.S. I will take time off of writing, but I am horribly behind on sending in a revise and resubmit. So THIS WEEK, I need to send out the revise and resubmit.

Given the clip at which we are touring South Africa, sometimes, I have only had 15 minutes.

15 focused minutes. 15 minutes to know EXACTLY what I’m doing. 15 minutes to DO IT! It’s worked wonders.


I will do one more edit.

It moved the ball forward.

You see, 15 minutes, if you “don’t feel like it,” are stuck, don’t know what to do, puts enough of a pressure cooker on that you quickly discern what is important to write, and what isn’t. It is enough time for super short edits.

In short, it’s time to move the ball forward.

You may even feel like writing for 1 – 2 hours when all is said and done.

Give it a whirl.

If you regularly start with writing for 15 minutes at a time, please write how it goes for you in the comments! Feel free to share this with like-minded people!


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