The Revise and Resubmit

Is revised and resubmitted.

No, I don’t feel relieved.

I’ve never felt so scared.

First of all, it’s 6 weeks late. Chances are that I’m not the first or last writer who has done that, but I still am not comfortable.

Secondly, although I’ve called myself carefully reading what the reviewers said and making sure I applied them to my work, I fear that I did something wrong. I can’t imagine that they would want my article.

Regardless, I finished it with many 15 minute writing sessions.

I finished it without loads of angst. Yes, I worry about what they’ll think, but not loads of angst.

I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I loved the book. She provides two choices – you can create your art (and she includes academic writers in that) with emotional angst and suffering, or you can create as a trickster.

What does she mean by that?

“the trickster trusts the universe. He trusts in its chaotic, lawless, ever-fascinating ways – and for this reason, he does not suffer from undue anxiety. He trusts that the universe is in constant play and, specifically, that it wants to play with him.”

I wouldn’t have received a revise and resubmit if the universe didn’t want to play with me.

So right now, I’m finished with academic writing for the duration of my vacation. That’s my treat.

There’s more writing to tackle when I return!


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